Blank Shores wrapped

It’s been far too long since we provided an update on Blank Shores, but it’s been full speed ahead since the Kickstarter campaign ended. Filming started on the 18th September and wrapped on the 22nd September, and for those five days we filmed across four fantastic locations, from the Kent coast, to Molesey and Surbiton.

Along with securing our locations, kit and a fantastic crew, we worked hard with our awesome Casting Director, Heather Basten, to bring together a small band of talented actors to complement our lead actress (BAFTA Award Winning Georgina Campbell). James Farrar takes the role of Connor, Emily’s partner, who’s searching for a way to move forward with his life after the tragic loss of their daughter. Gary Beadle steps into the shoes of Lenny, the enigmatic man behind Solace. Jackie Knowles plays the role of Grace, Lenny’s assistant; while Davina Moon plays the ever suspicious Inspector Brady, who Emily turns to in her desperation to find Connor.