A woman’s journey to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her partner takes her to a world far removed from her own.

With the police unable to help, Emily takes it upon herself to investigate the disappearance of her partner. A small clue leads her to the discovery of an unregulated world far removed from her own. Soon, Emily’s journey to reconnect becomes a struggle for survival.

Part-funded by the BFI Network, sci-fi/drama Blank Shores stars BAFTA-winning Georgina Campbell.  The short film is associated with the charities CALM and Sands to raise awareness of the underlying themes (child loss and mental health) explored in the narrative: |

Grand Prize in the Vortex Horror/Sci-Fi category – 36th Flickers’ Rhode Island International Screenplay Competition
Director’s Choice Award – 41st Thomas Edison Film Festival
B’Oscar Award for Best Science Fiction – 8th Beeston Film Festival
Special Jury Mention – Promofest Short of the Year – Autumn 2021

Official Selections
25th LA Shorts International Film Festival
19th RSF Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival
21st Nevada City Film Festival
17th Montreal International Black Film Festival
17th HollyShorts Film Festival
5th Bolton International Film Festival
8th Chuncheon Film Festival
10th New York Shorts International Film Festival
8th SciFi Film Festival
21st Trieste Science+Fiction Festival
16th British Urban Film Festival
41st Thomas Edison Film Festival
10th Toronto Black Film Festival
13th Crystal Palace International Film Festival
8th Beeston Film Festival
15th The Smalls Film Festival

  • Georgina Campbell
  • Gary Beadle
  • James Farrar
  • Davina Moon
  • Jackie Knowles
  • Hallie Barthram
  • Alex Kyrou
  • Clare Shields
  • Charlie Fronzoni, Wes Williams
  • Thomas Wightman
  • Benjamin Wearing
  • Paul O'Brien
  • Heather Basten, CDG
  • Boadicea Shoals
  • Emily Davidson
  • Nour Wazzi
  • Cherrelle Redley Murrain
  • Karolina Kluzniak